Life Coaching

Mentor by Melissa Severance
Everybody’s somebody, but most people don’t know. They have a sense that whatever way it is going for them isn’t right compared to this person, or that person. People often feel they should be someone else. So, Melissa created Be Somebody Else, coaching for self-worth and direction. It’s a trick. Being somebody isn’t about outer power and domination, but about inner peace. The Somebody Else we develop together is a somebody who knows what a somebody is — that really is something else!

Melissa has been practicing listening since childhood. Melissa listens with her full attention. Melissa listens with her whole experience. Melissa listens for feelings, and patterns, and things that don’t fit and things that do fit. Melissa listens for logic. She often says, “Hey wait a minute here! Is that true? Do you mean that? Really?” She listens for the tone of truth resonating in everyone. The depth of this kind of listening creates the space for my clients’ authenticity to be revealed and nurtured.

Melissa is an excellent agate hunter – it’s almost like she has an eagles’ eye for finding hidden patterns in rocks that make them gems. Melissa has a gift of spotting agates along the road on bicycle rides. She is uncertain how she is able to do it: it is as if an agate gives off a different vibration, and she can hear it, or feel it. Her agate-hunting friends are jealous. One day a friend said, “I know how you do it Melissa. You look for the change of pattern, the way the agate doesn’t fit with the rest of the rocks, and then just pick it out.” Maybe that’s it. Melissa recently learned that coaches are experts at pattern recognition. Melissa might be able to help you to find the agates in yourself. She has got a knack for it.

Be Somebody Else Coaching: For people who want to be extraordinary!

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