Approach to Life Coaching

Mentor by Melissa Severance

Be Somebody Else Coaching

For people who want to be extraordinary!

I have certification in Evidenced Based Coaching: Life, Creativity, and Executive from the Fielding Graduate Institute. I also have certification in DreamTending from Pacifica University. My years of supervised experience in Depth Psychology combined with these trainings make me uniquely poised to help people transform from the inside out. I do not believe in placing a template made by others over them, but having people emerge into their own unqiue template, authentically responding to their deepest feelings and truest call.


My Philosophy On Life Coaching

Everybody is somebody. In case you have never heard that, now you know.

People compare themselves to other people and wonder why things don’t seem right for them. They often think they should be someone else. Melissa has created Be Somebody Else coaching to emphasize self-worth and direction. She understands being somebody isn’t about outer power and domination, but about inner peace. The “somebody else” we develop together is a somebody who knows what a somebody is. That really is something else!

Melissa has been practicing active listening since childhood. Melissa grants her full attention. Melissa listens with her experience. Melissa pays attention for feelings and patterns that do or do not fit. Melissa listens for a person’s own logic. She listens for the personal truth that resonates in everyone. The depth of this active listening creates the space for her clients’ authenticity to be revealed and nurtured. It’s almost as if she has an the eye for finding hidden patterns in a person’s rock and refines them into gems. Coaches are experts at pattern recognition.

If you are ready to discover your inner genius, to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary, email Melissa at or call  651-777-3336 to schedule an interview.

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